So how did I get started, how was this passion of mine born?


Amy Deters Events has always been a dream of mine but always put on the back burner.  I had always

felt that in this area, there just wasn't a need.  When 3 of our 7 kids got married, I, of course went full

throttle into planning mode, living my passion for a few short months of each wedding.  Planning our

own kids's wedding was a blast!  However, it wasn't just planning and coordinating that I handled. 

My husband (Joseph) and I, with help from family, took care of EVERYTHIING! I loved every minute of it and I'm pretty sure I was born for it!


With that said, Joseph, myself, and a few family members did NOT enjoy the actual weddings.  We were too busy working the wedding and missed out on all the fun things that we should have been enjoying on that day.  I wish we would have had at least had a "day of" coordinator in the area that we could have hired. It would have relieved so much stress, let us enjoy the weddings and watch our children enjoy a big day in their lives. 


From that day forward I had so many ideas on how to bring that gift of actually "being present" to others. Whether it be weddings or large events such as family gatherings, anniversary parties or even family reunions for example. Having a go to person by your side to handle all the details so you can enjoy the day and not miss out on memories is priceless!

From Joseph and I's wedding experiences we knew that it was time to take the leap and have me step into my dream career! Let me help make your day beautifully stress free and memorable!

I'm a natural organizer with a passion for helping others. If you were stressed about planning a party or wedding, I was your go to girl that everyone came to for advise. Finally in March of 2016, seasoned with the experience gained from helping my loved ones plan their events, I took the leap. I launched Amy Deters Events to follow my life-long desire of making others perfect day come true!

Planning your dream while living mine.


As a client you can be sure you will become part of my family.  I will guide you through the minute details like a patient friend, so that your event or wedding day is Beautifully Stress Free and just the way you want it!

Throughout the planning process, I'm going to make it my mission to learn as much about you as I possibly can.  Knowing you makes the process a lot easier if things would go wrong.  My love for planning weddings or events is being able to portray the heart of a relationship on the big day.  



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Wedding planning available in the tri-state area (IL, IA, MO)